Frequently Asked Dental Questions - Mississauga, ON

What Do You Want to Know?

Are you unclear about some of the dental services we offer? Are you wondering if you’re doing everything you can to protect your smile? We can answer any questions you might have regarding dentistry if you let us know during your visits or call our office. The FAQs on this page cover several inquiries that we’ve heard from patients in the past; see if your own questions have already been answered here before reaching out to us.

How Often Should I Get a Dental Checkup and Cleaning?

The American Dental Association strongly recommends that patients of all ages should have at least two dental checkups and teeth cleanings every year to prevent plaque buildup, cavities, and other issues. Children should start getting regular dental checkups no later than their first birthday.

Can Adults Get Braces?

Adults can indeed wear traditional braces in order to straighten their smiles. However, if you don’t want to wear highly visible brackets and wires for two or three years, you also have the option of wearing see-through Invisalign aligners instead. We can discuss which orthodontic option is best for you at a brief consultation.

Is a Knocked-Out Baby Tooth an Emergency?

If a baby tooth is knocked out due to physical trauma instead of falling out naturally, it’s usually not an urgent problem, but you should call our office immediately regardless. There might have been damage to the jawbone or the underlying tooth, or we may need to take steps to ensure that your child’s oral development isn’t adversely affected.

How Should I Replace Missing Teeth?

We offer traditional dentures and dental bridges. We can also place dental implants in-house; implants are usually considered the gold standard of tooth replacements because they replace the entire tooth structure and offer improved bite strength and stability. The best replacement option depends on your situation.

How Can I Whiten My Teeth?

There are whitening products you can buy at the store, but they probably won’t be able to remove stain beneath your enamel. The only way to treat that kind of discoloration is with professional whitening techniques. We can also cover discolored teeth with personalized veneers that have been shaded according to your needs.

What Should I Do If My Tooth Hurts?

Tooth pain should be treated as an emergency if it has lasted more than a couple of days or if it has grown severe. Call us immediately to schedule an appointment. You can take ibuprofen or another painkiller if you need to. A cold compress can also sometimes help if there’s swelling.

Will You Take My Dental Insurance?

We accept plans from a variety of providers. Call us to check if we accept your insurance and what kind of savings you can receive if you choose to visit our practice.