Advanced Dental Technology - Mississauga, ON

For Better Diagnoses and Gentler Treatments

Modern technology has allowed us to improve many aspects of the care that we have to offer here at Family Dental Care. It allows us to make more accurate, detailed diagnoses of even the smallest dental issues, and it can make certain treatments far more comfortable for patients. Below are just a few examples of the advanced dental technology that we utilize at our dental practice every day; call us to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

Digital Dental X-Rays

Gloved hands holding a tablet showing x rays of teeth

You might remember the days when taking X-rays meant slowly developing the film in a dark room. With digital X-rays, the tedious development process is a thing of the past; the images are now ready for viewing immediately, and they can be displayed in detail right away on one of our monitors. Of course, digital dental X-rays are not just faster. They are also significantly safer thanks to reducing patient radiation exposure by as much as 80%.

Intraoral Camera

Dental professional holding an intraoral camera

Explaining dental problems to our patients can be difficult when they can’t see what we’re talking about. Intraoral cameras allow us to show you what we’ve found in your mouth, letting you see the dental damage and decayed areas for yourself. You’ll have a clear picture of what’s going on while we review your treatment options and explain why they might be necessary. These highly detailed images can also aid us in catching decay and infection we might have overlooked on our own.

With the developments of digital technology and imaging, it has become possible to share oral health findings and strategize treatment plans between dentists and their patients. The digital age has allowed for the visualization of concerns that before could not be detected in the mirror or during routine examinations.

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Digital Dental Impression System

Digital model of row of teeth on computer monitor in dental treatment room

We need to create a model of your teeth in order to provide you with restorations that have been made for your unique smile. But since we know that you are probably not looking forward to biting down on bad-tasting impression material, we can instead scan your mouth with our state-of-the-art digital dental impression system. Not only is this method quicker and much more comfortable, but it also provides more accurate results compared to traditional impressions.

Soft Tissue Laser

Dental patient being treated with soft tissue laser

Lasers offer more precise and pain-free treatments than traditional scalpels. We can aim a focused beam of light at your gums in order to get rid of the diseased tissue while leaving the healthy areas alone. The energy from the laser provides instant sterilization to the area, and it can minimize any bleeding or swelling associated with the procedure. Many patients find treatments involving soft tissue lasers to be so comfortable that they don’t even require us to numb their mouths first.

Cavity Detection System

Dentist screening a patient with a cavity detection system

Your plan might be to head to the dentist’s office as soon as you realize that you have a cavity, but what you may not realize is that tooth decay is very gradual and often begins without your even realizing it. Our cavity detection system lets us scan your mouth and highlight areas with weakened enamel where cavities are starting to form. When we treat these areas early, we’re able to use more conservative treatments that leave more of your natural tooth structure intact.